Studio | Justin Hillman
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Mastering the art of capturing sound is an inseparable part of my pursuit as a songwriter and musician. I work from my highly mobile home studio, that’s equipped with carefully selected hardware and specialized microphones, that I have collected over the past 10 years. Whether I am recording, mixing, or playing on a project, I strive to understand the artists vision for their songs above all else.

**I am not currently taking on client work**



  • iMac 3.06 GHz Intel Core i3, 8GB Ram
    MOTU 896HD Firewire Interface
    MOTU 828mkII Firewire Interface
    Digital Performer 7
    ProTools 10
    Reason 4
    Plug-Ins include complete collections of Waves 7, Nomad Factory, Antares, and more
  • Universal Audio SOLO 610 Tube Preamp
    True Systems P-Solo Ribbon Preamp
    ART MPA Gold Tube Preamp
    Urei LA4 Optical Compressor/Limiter (Alactronics Modded x2)
    Universal Audio 1176LN Compressor/Limiter
    Dangerous Music D-Box Summing Amp
  • MICS:
  • Michael Joly MJE-K47 LDC (x2)
    OktavaMOD MK012 (x2)
    ShinyBox MXL46 Ribbon
    Cascade Fat Head Ribbon (x2)
    Shure SM7b
    Shure SM57 (x2)
    Shure SM58
    Shure 55SH (The Elvis Mic)
    Audix D6
  • Event ALP5s
    KRK Rokit 8s

Photography by Carly Rae